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October 23rd & 24th: On the campaign trail...

3 events in 2 days! Lunch with Magic Circle Republican Women on Monday, October 23rd. Lunch with the Greater Houston Pachyderms with Chief Justice Hecht speaking to us about the modernization of the judicial system in Texas and regrouping after Hurricane Harvey. Finally, last night I attended the monthly meeting with the Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women. As always, they were down-to-earth and helpful! I'll be on the campaign trail more this week, collecting signatures on my petitions to be filed in lieu of filing fee to get on the primary ballot and shaking hands with voters! Vote for Lori for Criminal Court #9.
Magic Circle meeting with a family style lunch, great company, and informative speaker. Greater Houston Pachyderm meeting with Chief Justice Hecht sharing how the bar worked with the counties impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Nathan Hecht. It was an honor to meet and shake hands with Chief Justice Hecht.
One of my favorite meetings: The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women celebrated their 10th anniversary in October. Fun fact: my mother and my mother-in-law wore yellow rose corsages in honor of our Texas roots at my wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico almost 10 years ago!

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