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Experience Matters, and I am the more experience and more qualified candidate for Criminal Court #11

While on the campaign trail, I have heard my opponent mention that he has more experience than I do. At first, I thought that was simply inaccurate since he and I have both been licensed since 2006 and practicing law the same amount of time. Discussing this further with my husband, it became very clear to me that my opponent thinks he has handled many more cases than I have simply because of his role as a career prosecutor. This too is inaccurate and here is why:

In courtrooms in Harris County, prosecutors bring 2-3 large boxes of files to court for that day's docket. There are usually 3 prosecutors in the court, so while one is at the bench handling a plea, another may be talking to a defense attorney while still another may be sitting behind a computer sending emails. Often when a plea offer is made, the prosecutor may never see that particular case again, or if he does, he will look at it again for a brief moment to refresh his memory, write an offer, and then hand it to the defense lawyer. I believe that my opponent is counting every file he has touched in his career as a file he has "handled".

Truth is that defense lawyers, like me, handle files in a much more thorough way. With almost every case I handle, I read the offense report, review witness statements and photographs, if any, discuss the case with the prosecutor for a plea offer, communicate such an offer to my client and counsel my client on the options for his case. Most often, my client wants me to review the evidence, so I spend time in my office watching videos or listening to audio recordings. Sometimes, I hire an investigator to assist me in conducting my own investigation of the facts of the case. Once all of this is done, I advise my client about what the evidence will show at trial. My client makes the decision to negotiate for a better offer or set the case for trial. These decisions often take 2-3 settings to make, which is 2-3 months of time since court resets are often one month apart. By this time, at least a couple of prosecutors have rotated out of the court so that different prosecutors are working in it, "handling" cases. 

I am the more experience and more qualified candidate for Criminal Court #11. I have handled over 2,700 cases in Harris County alone, and I have defended clients in Galveston, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties and in the Southern District of Texas (federal court). Please honor me with your vote in the Republican primary.


Why do I want to be a Judge?

Today, after making my announcement for my run for Judge for County Criminal Court at Law #11, I was asked by a respected colleague why I wanted to be a judge. 

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